Meet Your Leadership Team for 2019

All Saints Council 2019

Council Meets Second Monday each month


All Saints Lutheran Church has a congregational polity. All ultimate authority rests with the congregation. However, the congregation delegates authority to the Congregation Council as the chief governing body of the church. The Congregation Council is comprised of 16 members.

  1. There are 6 At Large members from whom the congregational officers of President, Vice President and Secretary are elected. The Congregational Treasurer may be elected from outside the group of At Large members.
  2. There are 8 regular committees at All Saints Church, each with specific functions to serve the ministry and mission of the church. The chairpersons of each of these committees serve on the Congregation Council.
  3. The Pastor of the congregation is a member of the Congregation Council..


Jen Tomlinson– President, who provides leadership to the Congregation and Council.  With advice and consent of the Council in consultation with the Pastor appoints special committees and task groups; appoints Chairmen and members of the Ministry Teams and Committees.  Chairs the Executive Committee and presides over all meetings of the Congregation and Council.  The President is a member of all Ministry Teams.


Spencer Erickson– Vice President, serves as assistant to the President and fulfills duties assigned by the President.  The Vice President is responsible for the annual slate of eligible nominees for council.   Shall ensure that a review of the constitution be made biennially.  In the event of the inability of the President to serve will assume all responsibilities of the President 


Sue Gause– Secretary, who keeps accurate minutes of all meetings of the Congregation and Council; Chairs the Membership Committee which maintains posts and publishes the rolls of the active voting members.  The Secretary is the custodian for the seal of the congregation.  In the event of the inability of the Vice President to serve will assume all responsibilities of the Vice President.


Tom Siegmann Jr– Treasurer, shall keep the books and accounts of the congregation; and shall receive all funds and disburse of them on proper orders, making monthly remittance of the benevolence receipts to the treasurer of the synod.  The Treasurer shall make a written report of all financial transactions to the council monthly and to the congregation annually along with an audited report.  Will receive and keep in strict confidence, all records of income from contributing members and other sources.  The Treasurer with Council approval may appoint a financial secretary to help collect, record and deposit weekly proceeds from the congregation and other sources.


Tom Lieber– At Large Council Member


Brenda Messina – At Large Council Member



Ministry Teams:


Debe Ceja Chairs Christian Education; this ministry team oversees, promotes and conducts the Nursery, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, the confirmation program, early communion instruction and new member instruction.  This ministry team meets the fourth Monday each month.


 Chairs Evangelism; this ministry team is responsible for inviting the community to Christian worship study and fellowship at All Saints Lutheran Church.  They strive to provide a welcoming environment that makes visitors and new members feel welcome and comfortable while attending church functions.  This team finds ways to reach out to the community so our church and its activities will be better known and accepted.  This ministry team meets the third Sunday each month.


 Chairs Fellowship; this team promotes and conducts Christian fellowship activities on a recurring basis  They are responsible for providing the necessary supplies and staples for church social functions which further develops spiritual growth and Christian fellowship among members and friends of the congregation.  This team meets the first Tuesday each month.


Co-Chairs Finance; this team has oversight of all financial affairs of the congregation and assures that they are being administered properly.  They propose an annual budget to the council for approval and present this budget at the annual congregational meeting for final approval.  This team meets the second Wednesday each month


Brenda Bobroff Chairs Outreach; this team motivates, equips, supports and provides opportunities for members of the congregation to feed the hungry, visit the sick, care for the poor and disenfranchised, alleviate human suffering and make evident the healing and renewing power of Jesus Christ through action motivated by love and faith.  This team meets the third Tuesday of each month.


Chairs Property; this team is responsible for the general maintenance and care of the building facilities, grounds and equipment of All Saints Church. 


Chairs Stewardship; this team provides structure, resources and information needed to foster regular, increasing and proportional giving of time, talent and financial resources by all members of the congregation in order that the gospel of Jesus Christ be advanced.  This team meets on an as needed basis.


Chairs Worship and Music; this team provides the structures and resources essential to supporting the conduct of worship services regularly and in keeping with the faith and practices of this ELCA congregation.  In association with the Pastor they oversee the services of God’s house, the Altar Guild, altar flowers and other special decorations, ushers, lectors, communion assistants, cantor, acolytes and the music program.  This team meets the first Monday of each month.


Debe Ceja  CO-Chair Youth; this ministry is to provide a Christ-centered program that calls our youth to focus on the Word, while engaging with the world.  They focus on Christian concepts and teaching from the Bible as we live and learn in the world around us. They encourage participation in programs that serve others while maintaining healthy relationships with God, others and self.


  – Capital Fund Raising Committee:   this special committee is to develop pricing and plans for church signage, enhanced entrance, Bell Tower, New sanctuary, large picnic pavilion and marketing plans to grow the membership 10% net each year.

 Pastoral Staff:


  • Reverend Brian George