Our Worship


Here are a few things you should know about our worship service that will make your visit more meaningful. As our guest, you should know that there is nothing expected of you other than to come and see. You may participate in our worship service as much or as little as is comfortable for you.

We have a plan

Lutheran worship is liturgical which means it follows an ordered pattern. While there is room for variation, we feel that there are certain elements that must be included in worship to make it a meaningful encounter with God. Liturgical worship also depends on the congregation’s participation. Being in worship is not like watching a movie, it is more like being in a play. The congregation has a role to fulfill in making the worship service a meaningful experience.

We sing

Lutheran worship is very musical and so in addition to hymns, much of the service is sung. At All Saints we conduct a more traditional service, but we often include more contemporary music and hymns. Also, on most Sundays, there is a theme for the day based on an event in Christ’s life or one of his teachings.

We admit our mistakes

There is normally a time of confession at the beginning of the service. In order for us to worship God in truth, we might as well be honest with God about our failures and shortcomings. We don’t confess individually, but together as a group in that as St. Paul wrote in Romans... “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

We preach Christ

In many church services there is a time devoted to the pastor “teaching” from the scriptures. Therefore, the message is similar to a Bible study. In the Lutheran Church the pastor delivers a sermon which is a little different. The primary task of the sermon is to proclaim the gospel or the story of God’s love and activity in the world as revealed in the Bible. Then the sermon attempts to apply the message of the Bible to the way we live out our lives in the world today.

We celebrate

We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. Holy Communion is a special way that Lutherans affirm God’s love and forgiveness. All are welcome to receive the body and blood of Christ offered in communion through the earthly forms of bread and wine. However it is reserved for baptized Christians and for children who have been instructed in the meaning of Holy Communion.

We fellowship

Following the service, we have coffee and refreshments in that fellowship is an important part of the Lutheran Church. We certainly hope you will stay for a few moments that we might welcome you to All Saints, get to know you better and answer any questions you might have.