All Saints Lutheran Church is a young and diverse congregation filled with families that enjoy worshiping and working together in various ministries of the church. All Saints is an ELCA Lutheran church in Orlando and located near pleasant residential area's Hunter's Creek and South Chase in South Orlando.  Our congregation thrives on being a fellowship oriented community of faith.  Everyone feels at home when they walk in the doors and kids are welcome. If you are looking for a community of faith to begin or strengthen your relationship with Christ, All Saints is the place for you!

Weekly Devotional Thoughts


                This time of the year we hear a lot about the “Christmas Spirit”. There is the false narrative that Christmas can somehow be cancelled unless the Christmas Spirit is revived by a miraculous act of generosity on someone’s part. Christmas movies tend to define the Christmas Spirit as a romantic type of love. Some people identify it as being able to buy the perfect gift for loved ones. For a few, it’s having the perfect Christmas tree, the best decorations and outstanding cookies.

       The popular idea is that the Christmas Spirit is generated by us. It is something we control. This understanding of the Christmas Spirit is idolatry. We have broken the first commandment, “thou shall have no other gods before me”.

       To experience the Christmas Spirit, we need to understand it’s about God and His love for us. The real meaning is found in knowing the Christmas story is true! That God, came to us. The angel announced it in Luke 2:10-11 “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord”.

       Look at the angel’s announcement from God. Everything has already been done. God chose the time, the place and the circumstances of Christ’s birth. We are merely the recipients of this great gift.  

       If there is anything we can do to bring about the Christmas Spirit, it is to willingly receive God’s gracious gift. Freely remove the idols from within us and allow this child, the Messiah, to come into our hearts and to transform us into individuals that readily live lives that are after God’s own heart.   

       When we accept the world’s definition of the Christmas Spirit we practice idolatry. The person who truly experiences and knows what the Christmas Spirit is, is the one that humbly receives God’s gracious gifts of love, forgiveness, mercy and redemption. We are the beneficiaries not the creators.




Pastor Brian 


A Message of Welcome From All Saints Lutheran Church

Hi! My name is Pastor Brian George and I want to extend a warm invitation to you to come join us here at All Saints Lutheran Church. Our Mission is to know, Serve, and Promote Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, education and outreach. Here at All Saints Church we see ourselves as the center of spiritual growth where God is praised and his loving message is proclaimed through worship and music that is energizing, inspiring and uplifting. Worship and music inspires the worship participant to be blessed so that they become a blessing to others. At All Saints a warm and loving welcome is extended to all and everyone belongs. Our congregation is growing larger and smaller at the same time; meaning you can always find your place here in one of our smaller groupings. At All Saints we grow spiritually through daily devotions by being a part of a small group and by giving and sharing our blessings with others. At All Saints we discover our God-given gifts and are inspired to use them. Here at All Saints we are known on the community grapevine for being a congregation that reaches inward in ministry and reaches outward in mission. We are “The Church With Open Arms!"

Sunday Schedule

Worship Service 9:30 AM

Sunday School 10:30 AM

Coffee/Fellowship 10:30 AM

Choir rehearsal 11:00 AM



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Check out this video of the fun we had during Vacation Bible School!



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